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  • All types of rectangular and circular ducts and fittings
  • Channels of black sheet
  • Pre-insulated ducts
  • Silencers
  • Ordinary and ECO hoods
  • Regulation dampers and shutters

Production program of rectangular and round ventilation channels includes: flat rectangular and circular channels, fittings (knee, crotch, reduction, floor), terminal boxes (Socks), the elements for hanging and fixing the ventilation channels. They are made of galvanized sheet suitable thickness (depending on the dimensions of the channel).

Channels of black plate made of steel of different thicknesses depending on the demands of investors and technological processes. Connection of the black channel is performed by welding.

Insulated ventilation ducts are made of polyurethane sandwich panels covered with aluminum foil (from materials that have properties of thermal insulation and vapor leakage).

Silencers are designed to reduce noise in air-conditioned and ventilated areas. Damper housing is made of galvanized sheet metal, while the damping of scenery is made of inflammable absorption material (mostly stone wool).

Hoods are used for extraction of high air temperature, and for the extraction of air that is saturated with steam, moisture and odors, while the extracted air quantity must be compensated with fresh air. They are made as ordinary and ECO hood . Intake of the fresh air in the ECO hoods is performed using special fans and channels, which are within the hoods at the increased speed inserted on the filters for extraction.

Shutters  are made of galvanized sheet metal or aluminum and are used to cover the opening in the ventilation system and air conditioning. Air flow can be in both directions. Shutters for manual control contain a mechanism for adjusting the scale that defines the position of the blade.

Shutters  against rain are made of steel and are used to prevent infiltration of precipitation and impurities in system, as well as to prevent entry of insects and birds in the distribution channel. Placed on the outer part of the suction or push channel distribution and on the inner side of a protective network.

Regulation DAMPER are used for controlling air flow in air conditioning and ventilation systems. They are made of galvanized and aluminum sheet and consist of a profile, housing and the mechanism for the regulation (with manual or electric drive).




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